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5 Things You Should Know Before Submitting Instant Approval Card Applications

5 Things You Should Know Before Submitting Instant Approval Card Applications

At the rate how mailboxes are bombarded with credit card offers, it’s probably amazing for anyone not to have considered these cards at least once. Nonetheless, credit card companies now make it even easier for consumers to apply for a credit card through instant approval card applications. There are a few things you should know before actually making a card application online or through the phone.

1. You need a good credit history

In order for quick approval, it is essential for a potential user to possess a good credit history. This means that the user pays his bills on time and does not have any financial hiccups in his credit report. The credit report is obtainable from a credit bureau, which will be contacted by the card company at the time of the application. If all goes well, the credit card will be approved within minutes.

2. Interest rates corresponds with the health of your credit report

If your credit history is not something you are proud of, there is a slight possibility that your application will not be instantly approved. You don’t have to worry if this occurs though, as these companies may make allowances for you due to high competition in the credit business. Most of the time, they will just charge you higher interest rates as you are of a greater risk. Also, due to the extra qualification process, the arrival of your card may be delayed.

3. You need to wait a few days for the card to arrive

A common misconception with these cards is that the applicant will instantaneously receive the card upon approval. No matter how fast your Internet connection is, the card is delivered in an envelope, not in bytes. Thus, it is not a very good idea to have an urgent transaction depend on these card applications.

4. You need to do your research

Do not let the convenience of getting a quickly approved credit card cloud your judgement on your selection of a credit card. It is not worth making higher payments in exchange for a shorter wait for a credit card.

5. You need to find a secure connection to submit your personal information.

As with all forms of online transactions, you should never use a public computer to submit your personal information. With the recent spat of identity thefts, it is wiser to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to credit cards.

Airline Credit Cards Are They Offering The Best Value e

Airline Credit Cards – Are They Offering The Best Value?e

There are more reward credit cards around now than ever before. There are cash back credit cards, points cards and American Express even have a new nectar card out. One of the long running popular rewards has been the airline credit card. These are offered by many of the main card providers and they offer as their reward scheme the chance to collect airmiles as you spend. Airmiles are an extremely popular reward as they can be redeemed on major airlines for free or upgraded flights. However, the question customers have to keep asking themselves in this respect is whether or not they offer the best value.

Looking at airline credit cards as a whole, they typically reward you with one airmile per pound spent. This seems fair enough but when you look at airmile redemption prices, you can see that it costs thousands of airmiles for even the shortest flights. For the vast majority of customers, it will take literally years to spend enough on the card to redeem a free flight, even within the UK. Some customers will be able to add these miles to ones they also collect on flights and in this way build up miles faster.

If you compare this to other rewards however, you may be forced to ask yourself if they are worth the hassle. First, compare this type of reward with similar rewards for using say a cash back credit card. While it will depend on the specific circumstances of your card, it may well be the case that you would have got back enough cash to buy a flight out right before ever getting enough miles to claim a free one.

Also, if you are paying high interest on an outstanding balance then airmiles will be the last thing you should be thinking of. Rather you should consider getting a good balance transfer card that will allow you to switch your balance to it and enjoy a substantial interest free period on the balance. This will likely save you far more than any reward scheme will b e worth to you. Also, you may want a card that gives you lower rates on purchases if you do not pay off your balance in full each month. As a general rule, if you don’t pay off your entire balance in full each month, you should be more concerned with interest rates and balance transfer possibilities than reward schemes on credit cards you use.